Dunkerque Seaways Ferry Involved in Rescue Operation

   October 28, 2019 ,   Accidents

A group of migrants was rescued from a dinghy after the men were spotted by a cross-Channel ferry.

The vessel, which was carrying 15 Iranians, was seen by a passenger ferry sailing to Dover UK at 06:32 GMT on Monday, October 28.

According to DFDS, its ship was "tasked by Dover Coast Guard to stand by a migrant boat" until British and French authorities arrived half an hour later.

A second dinghy was believed to have landed undetected at Shakespeare Beach at about 07:30 GMT.

Pupils at the nearby primary school were kept inside "as a precaution" during the morning break while Border Force and police officers searched the area for the occupants of the dinghy.

Dunkerque Seaways ferry

DFDS said its ferry, Dunkerque Seaways, was "not involved in the rescue operation" and "a French warship, two Border Force vessels, the Dover lifeboat and a coastguard helicopter" arrived within 30 minutes.

According to The Home Office, the 15 men had been handed to immigration officials for an interview after being medically assessed.