American Glory Adds to Artificial Reef Hull

   November 9, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

On November 4, the 200-foot cruise ship American Glory was sunk by a contractor thus adding to the artificial reefs that went down off Delaware bay. The American Cruise Lines’ ship was scuttled / sunk fifteen nautical miles off Indian River Inlet.

When this cruise vessel sank to the bottom of the Atlantic, state agencies and leaders that led the sinking task celebrated. Old vessels serve as a gathering and nesting site for fish on the bottom of the sea in the region.

The 49-passenger luxury ship was lying inoperative for 2 years and used for inland and coastal routes along the United States' East Coast. It hasn't transmitted any AIS signal since December 2017.

American Glory cruise ship

The local government actively promotes Delaware artificial reef sites and reefing allowing sinking of defunct vessels and other usable debris in the bay.