Kindat Pandaw Passengers Evacuated Due to Collision

   December 5, 2019 ,   Accidents

Pandaw River Cruises evacuated passengers from RV Kindat Pandaw after the cruise ship hit a bridge on the Ganges.

The accident happened Wednesday morning, December 4, as the 36-passenger riverboat was sailing on the upper section of the river toward Varanasi, India.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that all evacuated travelers were safe and described the accident as “a very minor collision”.

RV Kindat Pandaw cruise ship

It was not announced how many guests were on board the ship at the time. Tugboats were called at the scene for assistance. The accident resulted in minor hull damages and no injuries.

According to local media sources, the bridge was ripped off its hinges.

Earlier this year, Pandaw moved RV Kindat Pandaw to the Ganges from Myanmar.

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