The Ultimate Cruise to Oman and South Asia

   December 19, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Thanks to being situated next to the Arabian Sea, Oman makes the perfect beach holiday. However, few realise that having a cruise to Oman is also a great option. With the new electronic visa system, getting an Oman visa has never been easier. You'll be seduced by this progressive country which still retains its Arabesque charm. Oman is a beguiling country steeped in history with a stunning natural landscape.

Oman provides an important stop along the way to a number of exciting destinations in that area of the world. Here we will detail the perfect cruising itinerary to South Asia and the Middle East.


At first glance, this diamond-shaped island just off the coast of Malaysia gleams with modernism and commercialism, making it seem more Western than Eastern. But as you continue to discover the city-state, you'll uncover the eclectic mix of cultures, religions, ancient treasures and British colonial impressions that give rise to a unique Singaporean identity. The cultural fusion is perhaps best expressed in Singapore's unofficial language, Singlish, a unique patois of English, Chinese and Malay.

Port Singapore Marina Bay cruise terminal


Phuket makes the perfect stop on a cruise, with the picturesque beaches and tropical lifestyle. Cruises around Phuket allow you to take full advantage of the beautiful sights in the Andaman Sea around Thailand's largest island. These include world-famous places like Koh Phi Phi and Phang Nga Bay, as well as lesser-known spots like the Khai Islands and even hidden places like some of the nearby scuba diving sites.

Phuket (Thailand) cruise port


Sri Lanka is a hidden gem for cruises. The island is beautiful and tranquil, allowing you to explore at your leisure. Colombo is the beating commercial heart of Sri Lanka located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Whether you’re exploring the nearby town of Galle, which features colonial Portuguese architecture and a green space for sports and community fun, or you venture beyond the city to see an elephant orphanage, your Sri Lanka cruise experience is bound to be unlike anywhere else you’ve ever visited.

Port Colombo (Sri Lanka) cruise port


One of the more famous tourist spots of India, Goa, makes for the perfect cruise stop in India. Centuries as a Portuguese colony flavour every aspect of life here, from the whitewashed 17th Century churches to the distinctive cuisine. Above all, beach life is at the heart of the Goan experience. On your Goa Cruise, relax into the seductively slow pace of life; lazing on the soft sands of a palm-fringed beach, the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea lapping gently at your feet.

Port Mormugao (India) cruise port to Goa


In Muscat, Oman's attractive capital, you'll find a city steeped in the medieval heritage of the Middle East. Stroll along the picturesque waterfront Mutrah Corniche, with the brilliant blue sea on one side, eastern-style white buildings lining the street on the other and the arid Hajar mountains in the background.

Port Muscat (Oman) cruise port

Stop at the Mutrah Souq, a traditional Arab market (closed in the afternoon) where you can buy Omani and Indian artefacts and antiques. Don't miss the stately Grand Mosque – the immense Persian carpet in the main prayer hall took a whole four years to weave. Cruise to Muscat and check out the Al Alam Palace with its blue and gold facade, and see the sand-coloured 16th-century Portuguese forts nearby. When cruising to Oman, you need to ensure you have an Oman evisa.


The final stop will be in the modern metropolis of Dubai. A cruise to the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf will bring you a mixture of architecture and glittering uber-chic life. Here you will have the perfect chance to relax and take in the sand, sea and sun. With the impressive architecture of the Grand Mosque and a helping of boastful nightlife, a cruise holiday to Dubai and Emirates is a mixing pot of fascination. From here you will fly back to your original destination.

Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal (Carnival)