Dip in Ferry Bookings Due to Brexit Uncertainty

   January 26, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Uncertainty over UK's Brexit led to a decreased number of passengers booking travel to EU countries. With the UK's withdrawal from the EU just a week away, research by Discover Ferries showed that 1/4 of respondents had put off booking their summer holidays for 2020 until after January 31. Discover Ferries is an industry body that represents 13 ferry operators in the United Kingdom, British Isles and Ireland operating over 80 routes.

The study showed 68% were not entirely sure what Brexit meant for travellers. In the South East, 30% thought they would need a visa to enter any EU country. 44% thought they would have to pay for medical care as they thought their EHIC card would no longer be valid.

However, now it's been confirmed that travel requirements stay the same through December 31, Discover Ferries and Port Dover maintain its business as usual.

Port of Dover (England)

There are no new requirements for passengers travelling with valid passports, green cards, driving permits, and pet passports European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC).

The Government will begin its withdrawal negotiations with the European Union on February 1.