Costa Venezia Sails Back to Shenzhen Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

   January 27, 2020 ,   Accidents

The cruise liner Costa Venezia returned to Port Shenzhen China (close to Hong Kong) Sunday morning, January 26, after a 6-day roundtrip to Vietnam. On arrival, the vessel was boarded by a medical team and all 4973 passengers and 1249 crew members were checked by medics for fever and pneumonia symptoms. Four were found to have a high temperature.

A total of 148 passengers who are residents of Wuhan or recently visited Wuhan were isolated for a stricter screening.

Costa Venezia cruise ship

Travellers and crew spent the whole day onboard and were granted permission to disembark in the evening.

The next scheduled voyage was canceled and 5155 passengers will be refunded, including air ticket costs.

For Coronavirus updates on cruise ship quarantines (infected passengers and crew) and top-pandemic countries (COVID-19 cases and deaths, daily updated statistics) see at CruiseMapper's Norovirus page.