Viking Sun Allowed to Dock in Bali

   March 8, 2020 ,   Accidents

Bali controversially allowed hundreds of Viking Ocean Cruises passengers to disembark on the island, despite them being turned away from other ports in Indonesia over Coronavirus fears. Over the past week the cruise ship tourists (many Australian) were refused to disembark the Viking Sun ship at two Javanese ports because 2 passengers had flu symptoms.

However, Port Benoa bucked the trend, insisting health officials overnight boarded the cruise ship, screened and cleared all 1200 passengers and crew. Harbourmaster Agustinus Maun said the result was all passengers and crew members in healthy condition so he had "no reason to avoid them to go down from the ship."

Passengers were tendered ashore at Benoa Harbour, with 300+ of them due to catch home flights and others for tours of the island. Bali Indonesia has so far had no confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Viking Sun is scheduled to continue the voyage with next call port Colombo Sri Lanka.

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