Australian cruise passengers fear dying in Italy after Costa Victoria debarkation

   March 21, 2020 ,   Accidents

Elderly Australians trapped on a Costa Cruises ship bound for Italy fear that they will be “left to die” by the ravaging in Italy COVID pandemic, On March 21, Italy's death toll (4825) surpassed China’s (3261).

Costa Victoria passengers have been told they will have to disembark in Port Venice on March 28 after weeks “sailing aimlessly” at sea. Stressed relatives fear that their loved ones had been issued a “death sentence” by being deposited in Italy and were begging for help to get them out as more and more countries close their borders.

Family members say that up to 240 Australians were on the ship, with the majority aged 65+, including some in wheelchairs and some needing oxygen respirators.

Costa Victoria cruise ship

The relatives also fear being stuck in Italy with no access to medical treatment and unable to return to Australia with flights canceled and a lot of nations blocking flights from Italy.