Uruguay finishes repatriation of the Coronavirus cruise ship Greg Mortimer

   April 16, 2020 ,   Accidents

The repatriation of the last 15 passengers from the Aurora Expeditions' ship Greg Mortimer, is scheduled to take place Wednesday afternoon, April 16, the government said. The vessel remained in Uruguayan waters since late-March due to a major COVID outbreak onboard

A medical plane is due to take the current 14 occupants of the liner, and another cruiser to be discharged from a clinic in Montevideo to Miami FL, where they'll get on connecting flights to the UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

The Uruguayan Foreign Ministry announced the ship will dock in Montevideo. Cruise passengers will board a bus that will take them to the airport for a flight scheduled to depart after 8 pm GMT. Four of the Greg Mortimer cruisers will remain hospitalized in Montevideo until they recover to travel back home.

Over the weekend, the country repatriated 112 Australians and New Zealanders from Greg Mortimer. Most of the total 128 travellers originally onboard had tested positive for the Coronavirus. The crew have to finish their quarantine on the ship and then begin the trip to the originally planned destination - Las Palmas.