700 Costa Cruises Filipino crew disembark from Costa Mediterranea

   June 23, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Nearly 700 Costa Cruises Filipino crew will disembark from Costa Mediterranea on June 26 and 27. The Italian cruise ship arrived Monday morning, June 22, and at 7 AM anchored off Port Manila (Luzon Island, Philippines).

By 8 AM, the crew performed the mandatory temperature check. At 11:30 AM, health authorities started testing the crew until ~4 PM Test results are due after 48-72 hours.

Costa's crew disembarkation plan is scheduled for June 26-27, via tender boats in case all COVID tests return negative.

Costa Cruises' Mediterranea ship set sail on May 15 out of Port Brindisi Italy on a long voyage to Asia in order to repatriate Indonesian and Filipino crew home.

The journey took the crew members through the Suez Canal and Muscat, prior to arriving off Jakarta on June 15, to disembark about 400 Indonesian crew who were escorted by the Coast Guard and the Indonesian Navy.