Marella Explorer 2 ship lost anchor due to severe weather in Torbay UK

   January 21, 2021 ,   Accidents

One of the 8 cruise ships anchored off Devon's coast lost her anchor due to severe weather brought by Storm Christoph.

MS Marella Explorer 2 (operated by TUI's Marella UK fleet) lost her anchor Tuesday night (January 19) during extreme weather.

It comes after Met Office issued a yellow weather warning covering Cornwall and Devon.

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, Torbay UK served as an anchorage for many of the world's largest cruise liners, including 8 currently at anchor.

Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship

A spokesperson for TUI Cruises said:

'We can confirm that yesterday (January 19), Marella Explorer 2 lost her starboard anchor in Torbay.

''Due to the weather conditions, engines and a second anchor were available on standby and the ship was able to be secured quickly without damage."

He added the anchor will be recovered. An investigation will be completed before it is reinstated to the ship.

All relevant authorities had been notified at the time.

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