New commercial port to be built on Guernsey Island UK

   May 12, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

A new commercial port could be created at Longue Hougue (Guernsey Island, Channel Islands UK) as part of a GBP 360 million plan to revamp the island's harbours.

The plan will see all heavy industry at St Sampsons Harbour and St Peter Port moved to the new port, which would make space for a new ferry terminal, more leisure space, and a multi-storey car park at St Peter Port.

The States is being presented with 7 options, ranging from doing nothing to a GBP 700 million plan which would move all passenger shipping operations north. The least expensive option would cost ~GBP 35 million and would see what is being described by the STSB (States Trading Supervisory Board) as "vital repairs" to St Peter Port.

Guernsey Island (St Peter Port, Channel Islands UK)

It is hoped that with the changes at the 2 main harbours more space could be dedicated to various amenities and some space could be sold to the private sector, in order to help with the cost of the project.

States members are now being asked to back a GBP 360 million infrastructure project that could change the face of Guernsey Island's east coast.