Tradewind Voyages’ ship Golden Horizon finally leaves Dover UK after arrest

   July 17, 2021 ,   Accidents

Tradewind Voyages’ sail ship Golden Horizon finally left Dover (England UK) on her inaugural voyage ~24 hours after her scheduled departure time following the arrest on Thursday, July 15.

The world’s biggest square-rigged ship was scheduled to begin her Maiden Voyage (4-night itinerary) at 6 pm Thursday night. However, the boat was forced to turn around as she left port following a financial dispute between the original owner (Star Clippers) and the shipbuilder.

Star Clippers confirmed it had received the “first payment” made by Croatia's Brodosplit Shipyard and added that Star Clippers had "advised Brodosplit to pay the remaining financial obligations due without further undue delay to avoid further enforcement action to be taken.”

Golden Horizon cruise ship

A statement issued on behalf of Brodosplit and Tradewind Voyages said:

“In July 2019, Brodosplit Shipyard first offered a “buyers supply” payment, followed by several offers more, but each time it was declined.

“Finally, on the 14 July 2021, at the request of the ship owner, the courts allowed the establishment of a Court Deposit to pay “buyers supply” after the mortgage was taken out.

“This meant that a mortgage ceased to exist (the reported proceedings commenced a day after the opening of a Court Deposit). The payment was offered voluntarily, as evidenced by the opening of a Court Deposit.

“We are pleased that the UK authorities are not only efficient but also expeditious and professional and they completed the process quickly.

“Therefore, we are delighted to be able to inform you that Golden Horizon has continued its voyage today and will be able to sail free of mortgages, across all the planned seas of the world, wherever it is carried by the ‘trade winds’.”

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