Quark Expeditions launches cruise industry’s most immersive Polar Helicopter Program

   July 23, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Quark Expeditions, the global leader in polar cruises, unveiled details of its immersive helicopter program made possible via the acquisition of two Airbus H145 helicopters for the newbuild ship Ultramarine.

Andrew White (Quark's President) commented:

"The deployment of our two H145 helicopters aboard Ultramarine means Quark Expeditions will offer guests the biggest portfolio of adventure options in the industry, including heli-hiking, alpine kayaking and exclusive ice-sheet heli-landings—in addition, of course, to flightseeing, which we automatically include for all guests. For 30 years we’ve been passionate about our mandate to bring people to the Arctic and Antarctic. Now, with our helicopters, we can move people to explore further once they arrive in the Polar Regions, to set foot where no human has probably walked—something our competition can’t offer.”

Quark Ultramarine cruise ship

As with its polar-based operations, Quark Expeditions applies high standards to the helicopter personnel. Their H145 helicopters will be commanded by highly experienced pilots, according to Felix Christians Quark's Director of Helicopter Operations). In addition to having global flying experience, each will be trained at Quark Academy with all of the expedition team.