VIDEO: Tillberg Design of Sweden & Winch Design create Somnio - the largest private residence superyacht in the world

   August 12, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

A private superyacht named Somnio is being built by the Norwegian shipyard VARD. The name Somnio, which derives from Latin, means “to dream”. 

Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) was trusted with designing the new luxury yacht, in collaboration with Winch Design.

TDoS has worked closely with the customer team to develop tailored layouts and optimal flows, all with the purpose to enhance experience and operations throughout the newbuild.

During the development, a number of different apartments, layouts, and sizes were developed for Somnio. In order to create a yacht ambiance onboard, an array of warm and tactile materials were used, including supple leather, crafted wood, and unique textiles.

Described in the cruise industry as the first “Yacht Liner,” the new Somnio will be constructed to cater to the highest future hygiene & safety requirements. The owners will benefit from access to world-class health care and medical services.

Somnio's 39 apartments have already been sold, and acquisition of these is strictly by invitation/referral. The apartments reportedly cost at least US$11.2 million each (~50% the net worth of the threshold for a global 0.1%). Somnio owners remain a secret.

The yacht liner is expected to explore all corners of the world from the Med, a week in New York City, sailing the South Pacific to undertaking Antarctica expeditions.

State-of-the-art bars and restaurants, an onboard beach with water sports facilities, and a 10,000-bottle wine cellar are a few of the amenities Somnio will boast when completed in mid-2024.

The luxury yacht also provides advanced research equipment for scientists.