US$25 million investment in Antigua Cruise Port upland works

   November 19, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

ACP-Antigua Cruise Port announced it will commence its upland development project by April next year.

The enterprise will commit more than US$25 million to the creation of a modern waterfront day club featuring pools, local food-and-beverage outlets, a state-of-the-art casino, and up to 100 retail spaces for local entrepreneurs. The new attraction will be accessible by cruisers, other visitors, locals, and residents. The redevelopment will feature upgrades to St Johns' Heritage Quay shopping centre.

According to Dona Regis-Prosper, General Manager of Antigua Cruise Port, the day club would serve as a creative centre "for locals and passengers to connect in a way that takes the passenger experience to new heights.”

“Being able to connect with entrepreneurs and artists in the new retail spaces will educate visitors about Antigua & Barbuda’s culture and inspire them to return. These kinds of personal connections, coupled with local food and beverages, our incredible weather, and commitment to guest service, will make this feature an irresistible stop for passengers who want to experience something a little more unique when booking a cruise vacation.”

She continued that Heritage Quay needed repairs and upgrades, and its improvement was a matter of urgency for their team and for the Government. There were long-standing drainage and lighting issues that needed to be addressed, and substantial repairs needed to be made to pavements, stairs, and other areas. Those upgrades would begin before the end of 2021. 

Port of St Johns (Antigua)

Charles Fernandez, Antigua's Minister of Tourism and Investment, celebrated the extensive community benefits of the project. He said the Heritage Quay upgrades had been a longstanding concern for their administration, so they were pleased that GPH Antigua was undertaking those works as promised.

"We are also very excited about the construction of the $25 million day club, which will bring significant opportunity to the country by creating hundreds of jobs and long-term business opportunities for Antiguans & Barbudans.”

The day club project will feature the implementation of solar panels in order to supplement power to the development. The government will upgrade Newgate Street along with the surrounding lanes to support the improvements. The building of the day club will start in June 2022 and is due to be completed by July 2023.