Costa Cruises Alcohol Policy, Drink Packages

   November 24, 2015 ,   Food & Drinks

Costa Cruises alcohol policy is a real clear-cut - cruisers may NOT bring any alcoholic beverages on board at any time. Anyway, read the rest of our article about bringing alcohol onboard Costa ships and beverage packages - you may find something new and interesting about Costa lines' beverage policy rules.

This link lists Costa's current fleet.

Costa Cruises Alcohol Policy

Costa Cruises drinking age for any voyage leaving the United States is 21. The drinking age on any Costa ship leaving from a non-USA port is 18 years old. Passengers who are responsible for supervising the underage guests have to ensure they do not possess, purchase, or consume alcohol violate any other Costa Cruises shipboard regulations.

Costa Cruises alcohol policy, wine, drink prices, packages

Costa cruise beverage policy rules and allowance

Bringing liquor at embarkation onboard Costa Cruises ships is not allowed - when found, liquor is confiscated and then held by the line till the end of the voyage. According to the Costa website, no food or drinks may be brought aboard. However, some passengers report bringing wine and champagne with prior authorization - a corkage fee of $10 per bottle is applied for previously authorized champagne and wine.

Purchasing liquor on Costa cruise ships’ duty-free shops and in ports of call

The liquor purchased in Costa Cruises ports of call and the one purchased in ships' duty-free shops is taken and held till the end of the voyage.

A line with company safety and health standards for crew members and passengers, the bringing of any kind of food or drink onboard in the cabin or hand luggage, is strictly forbidden. Personal care products (suntan lotion, shampoo, etc.), products certified by a doctor, liquid medicines, and baby care products, are not subject to the above rule. Drinks or food, including the purchased during shore excursions and visits in call ports items, won't be admitted on board. Any eventually purchased local products will be held in custody by Costa ship officers and released at guests' disembarkation.

When pre-arranged with Carnival Corp. casino division, free drinks may be received in the casino. Free alcoholic beverages are usually offered at Costa farewell cocktail parties, though not all guests are invited to it.

Costa cruise beer list

  • Draught: These change, depending on the itinerary. Beck's, for instance, is usually available in the Caribbean, Carlsberg - in Europe.
  • Bottled: Beck's, Carlsberg, Corona, Franziskaner Weissbier, Heineken, Nastro Azzuro, Peroni. Other bottled beers are also available, depending on the sailing.

Specialty bars on Costa ships

Costa cognac and cigar onboard bars serve a unique selection of rums, cognacs, and whiskies.

Costa Cruises drink packages

The below prices are in Euro, and inclusive of tips (gratuity) and service charges. The new Costa NEO-collection packages are only available on the neoCollection ships (neoRiviera and neoRomantica).

Drinks PackagesInclusionsPrices per person per day in EUR
All-inclusive beverages (ages 18+ / 21+ yo)

fine selection of soft and alcoholic (including wine and draft beer) drinks by the glass as well as coffee. The only exceptions are premium brands and minibar products

  • 19,50
  • 25
All-inclusive young beverages (ages 4-17 yo; cruises to Miami (4-20 yo)

soft drinks' selection by the glass, except mini bar products. Must be booked together with adults' all-Inclusive beverage package

  • 11
  • 16
Intenditore Beverage Package Adult

includes any drink up to EUR9 (plus premium brands)

  • 46
Piu Gusto Beverage Package Adult

a selection of unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees, along with a number of alcoholic cocktails included

  • 29,50
neoCollection Beverage Package Adult

a selection of unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks by the glass to be enjoyed in the restaurant and buffet (during lunch and dinner) or at the bars at any time of the day. Also: fruit and chocolate smoothies, as well as special aperitifs at sunset. In the Restaurant, it includes regional wines by the glass, carefully paired with the menu

  • 28,75
Brindiamo Beverage Package Adult

a selection of drinks with a brown colored circle found at the top of menu page (alcoholic cocktails are not included)

  • 26,50
Cenay Prenza Beverage Package Adult

includes selected beers, wines, soft drinks (soda), water by the glass with meals in the Restaurant

  • 17
neoCollection Beverage Package Kids

unlimited soft drinks by the glass, except the minibar drinks only

  • 17,25

Remember that all your bags will be x-rayed and any liquor is confiscated till your disembarkation. However, passengers often consider Costa Cruises alcohol policy to be very uneven. Their reports vary and some say they just hid alcohol in their checked luggage and it was not a problem, while others admit the security showed it on the x-ray and the secret bottles were so obvious, that the line kept them till the end of the voyage.

Costa Cruises drink prices

Next are listed bar menu prices on beverages served shipboard. Prices are in EUR.

BeveragesPrices (EUR)
Selected wine by the glass5,50
Red wines - Chianti Rocca Delle Macie20 (75cl)
10 (38cl)
White wines - Soave Pasqua18 (75cl)
9,50 (38cl)
Draught beer

5 (40cl)
4 (25cl)

Water by the glass0,80
7Up, Lipton iced lemon tea/peach tea/green lemon tea, ginger ale, tonic, orange and lemon3
Assorted juices by the glass2,60
Red Bull3,50
Bacardi Breezer (lime, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry)5,50
Aperitifs - Aperol, martini, Campari, pastis, Pernod, Crodino, Ricard, Tio Pepe4
Asti spumante, prosecco, by the flute5,50
Liquori - baileys, Limoncello, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, peachtree, Disaronno, Kahlua, tia maria, southern comfort, Sambucca, Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry, Sandeman ruby port5,50
Tequila - Jose Cuervo gold6,10
Brandy - Fundador, Vecchia Romagna6,10
Whisky - Johnnie Walker red, Jim beam, j&b, Jameson, Canadian club, crown royal, dewars white label6,10
Vodka - Stolichnaya, Skyy6,10
Gin - Beefeater, Gordons6,10
Bacardi - lemon, silver, gold, lemo6,10
Cognac - Courvoisier, Martell6,10
Cognac - Remy Martin6,30
Cognac - VSOP6,50
Regular mixed drinks - whisky&cola, vodka&tonic/lemon, gin&tonic, Cuba libra6,50
Sparkling cocktails - Rossini, bellini5
Classic alco-free cocktails - Colibri (tropical fruit juice & cola, fruit punch), PinkPanther (pineapple juice, strawberry mix, coco mix, whipped cream), Squok (lemon juice, pineapple juice, kiwi syrup)6
Premium alco-free cocktails - strawberry caiproska zero, virgin cosmo, sex on the beach, passion fruit caiproska zero6,50
Tea & Coffee (Espresso, iced coffee)1,70
Cafe Shakerrato (shaken over ice, served in a martini glass)3,50
Caffe Corretto with spirit4
Mineral water 1,5l2,50
Mineral water 0,5l1,40
The Costa selection - Costa sea, Costa wind, Costa sky, Costa dream8,50
The special spritz - Spritz Hugo Rosa, Spritz Hugo8,20
The Classics - americano, between the sheets, Campari, martini, negroni, black Russian, white Russian, Shakerrato, sidecar, pink lady8,20
Tropical Cocktails - mai tai, Bahama mama, planters punch8,20
Coladas - Whisky cream banana colada, Pina colada, Kiwi colada8,20
Daiquiris - strawberry/banana Daquiri, Margarita8,20
Bestseller cocktails - Aperol spritz, Caipirissima, Caipiroska, Caipirihana, Mojito6,50