MSC Cruises Drinks Prices, Packages, Wine, Alcohol Policy

   November 24, 2015 ,   Food & Drinks

The current MSC Cruises alcohol policy was started in November 2008 in order to ensure security and health standards. Bringing beverage onboard MSC vessels was strictly forbidden. In compliance with such regulations, MSC posed careful check control through all guests luggage during embarkation.

MSC Cruises Alcohol Policy

Drinking age on Caribbean and ex-USA itineraries is 21, and 18 years on all others. During MSC voyages, alcoholic drinks are not sold to Minors in any form. When the itineraries include American ports, the same conditions apply for guests under 21.

Beverage policy rules and allowance

MSC's Alcohol Policy, or what are the rules about bringing liquor onboard MSC ships? Bringing liquor on board MSC Cruises ships at embarkation is not allowed. No beverage or food can be brought unless there is a medical necessity (the baby formula is allowed). Bringing champagne or wine onboard is also not allowed. MSC or its agents have the right to confiscate alcohol that was brought on board by guests.

MSC Cruises alcohol policy, wine, drink prices, packages

Purchasing liquor from MSC cruise ships’ duty-free shops and while onshore (in ports of call)
Alcoholic drinks, including spirits, beer, other liqueurs, and wines, are available to purchase onboard at a fixed price. Any liquor that has been purchased in ships' duty-free shops is retained till the last night of the cruise. Alcohol purchases that have been brought in from call ports will be held safe and later delivered to passengers' rooms - on last evening of the voyage (until disembarkation).

Free drinks are usually served during MSC captain's cocktail parties. Complimentary drinks are offered at receptions V.I.P. passengers, singles, or repeaters.

Beer list

Draught: Draught beer varies and may include Amstel Light, Beck's, Heineken, and Stella Artois. Regional draught beer includes Brahma, Castle, Itaipava, Quilmes, Strongbow, Warsteiner.

Bottled: Beck's, Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors, Coors Light, Corona, Franziskaner, Guinness, Heineken, Miller, Miller Lite, Peroni, Samuel Adams. A selection of around the world beers may be also available, depending on the region MSC is sailing.

Specialty bars on MSC ships

MSC-themed lounges go beyond alcohol and include chocolate, coffee and ice cream bars and, of course, wine, beer, and martini bars.

MSC Cruises drink packages

In August 2013 MSC Cruises promoted new drinks packages. The new Classic Allegrissimo, Beverage Carnet All-Inclusive, Cocktail, Soda, and Doremi packages offer more all-inclusive beverages and much savings. See here their new prices.

  • The More-for-less packages are available only for the Caribbean and have to be booked on MSC Cruises website or through travel agents up to 3 days before departure.
  • Packages are purchased for the entire voyage.
  • To be applicable, the whole traveling party or all adults and minors in a cabin must buy beverage packages.
  • 15 % gratuity is included in the below prices.

During 2015 spring, MSC promoted free ‘Allegrissimo Drinks Package’ on select departures in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean in 2015, valid until April 30. The price of the package (per person) was $280 on a 7-night, $440 on an 11-night voyage.


As of August 2015, on all itineraries in Europe, MSC Cruises provides free and unlimited bottled water to all of its American and Canadian guests. The new "water offer" is for lunches and dinners only and in the Main Dining Room restaurants only. Previously, North Americans were refused to tap water and received just 1 free bottle per table and per night. Other MSC passengers on sailings in Europe will still have to pay for bottled water.

Beverage package prices

Note: Since March 2023, MSC increased its onboard beverage package prices but also expanded the packages' inclusions, adding more drinks. Additionally, MSC increased the automatic service charge for non-package drinks from 15% to 18% on MSC ships using USD/American dollars.

Drinks PackagesInclusionsPrices per person per day in USD
24-hour All-Inclusive Premium Allegrissimo

The MSC All-Inclusive Premium Allegrissimo provides the best choices, offering unlimited consumption of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, including wine chosen from MSC Cruises menu “by the glass”; bottled and draft beers; mineral water; mineral water and minibar drinks in cabin; soft, hot, and all bar drinks (including single malt whiskies, champagne cocktails, superior brandies, other premium spirits), plus all ‘Gelateria’ menu selections, Room Service and Pastry Shop menus.

All included drinks can be consumed in all restaurants and bars, including the themed venues and a la carte restaurants. Really so much with a variety of choices for such a low price!

  • EUR 74 (adults)
  • EUR 38 (kids)
Classic Allegrissimo

Includes unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages' consumption, wine by the glass (rose, sparkling, and red, chosen from Allegrissimo Selection), soft drinks, hot drinks, mineral water, draft beer, plus a wide selection of cocktails, drinks from the bar list. The finale is with take-away-ice-cream in a cup or cone.

The Classic package drinks can be consumed in all MSC bars and restaurants 24 hours a day, including themed venues and à la carte restaurants. Mineral water consumption in cabins and minibar are not included.

  • $40 (adults)
  • $20 (kids)
Cheers Package 

includes unlimited consumption of wines' selection - choose one rosé, two reds and two whites, soft drinks, draft beers, mineral water, and fruit juices during lunch and dinner in the main dining room and self-service buffets.

Kids' version offers all the above mentioned non-alcoholic options.

  • $22.50 (adults)
  • $12.50 (kids)
Bottled Beer Package

Includes 14 beers and ciders in bottles/cans (Affligem Blond, Amstel Light, Amstel Radler, Buckler non-alcoholic, Bulmers, Desperados, Dos Equis, Heineken, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sol, Strongbow).

Beers included can be consumed in the bars, main and specialty restaurants, self-service buffet.

Cocktail Package

Comprised of twelve vouchers for all MSC alcoholic beverages. This package doesn't include the Premium brands.

Cocktail Package's price allows passengers to save at least 15% off the regular bar prices.

Doremi packageComprised of ten vouchers for virgin cocktails, fruit juices, ice cream shakes, milkshakes, or canned sodas. Package's price allows cruisers to save up to 25% off the regular bar prices.$31
Soda PackageProvides unlimited "on tap" sodas such as Tonic, Fanta, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, in all MSC locations where soft fountain drinks are located.$8

MSC drink packages on Caribbean/South America cruises only

Note: Since March 2023, MSC's "Easy" package costs EUR 39 (if pre-purchased online) and EUR 47 (if purchased onboard) and the price includes the per-person-per-day service fee. On shorter voyages (under 7 days) the "Easy" package costs EUR43 (pre-purchased) and EUR 51 (onboard). On MSC ships using USD, the "Easy" package costs US$46 (US$57 on longer itineraries) and US$49 (US$60 on up to 6-night itineraries).

Drinks PackagesInclusionsPrices per person per day in USD
More-For-Less Premium Package Adult

Includes all wines from the selection "by the glass", house-brand (choose from one rosé, two reds and two whites), mineral water, bottled and draft beer, soft drinks in buffets and main restaurants, mineral water, and all drinks from the in-cabin minibar, take away from Gelateria.

Drinks from bar lists with bar price up to $7.25 are also included. Price is equal to 18 vouchers.

More-For-Less Premium Package KidsIncludes mineral water, sodas and fruit juices in buffet areas and main restaurants; mini-bar snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, mineral water in the cabin; fruit juices, sodas, mineral water, virgin cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, energy and hot drinks at any bar, gelato take-away ice-cream. Price is equal to 18 vouchers.$31
More-For-Less Classic Package Adult

Includes all wines from the selection "by the glass", house-brand (choose from one rosé, two reds and two whites), sodas, mineral water, soft drinks, juices, bottled and draft beer, cocktails without alcohol, hot drinks (hot tea, hot chocolate, espresso, cappuccino), take away from Gelateria. Room service items, cocktails, and spirits are not included.

Price was increased to 15 vouchers.

More-For-Less Classic Package Kids

MSC's Easy Package for kids Includes mineral water, canned sodas, bottled fruit juices, and some beers (in self-service buffets and main restaurants), plus mineral water, sodas, fruit juices, hot drinks, milkshakes, virgin cocktails, and smoothies at Gelateria and bars.

The package doesn't include water or mini bar displayed in cabin. It will cost you 15 vouchers daily.

EUR 39
More-For-Less Escape PassBeverage card for 18 consumptions, including all drinks from the Bar and Wine (wines by
the glass up to $7.50, draft, bottled or canned beer up to $5, canned sodas, mineral water, fruit juices, coffee-based drinks, hot chocolate delights, premium
teas, selection of call-brand spirits, all cocktails from the Bar list (up to $8), as well as take away ice cream in a cone/cup.
Beer PackageMSC Cruises beer packages offer 14 vouchers for all canned and bottled beers from bar list. Package prices allow guests to save more than 25% off the regular prices in Bar list.$57
Soda PackageIncludes 15 canned sodas (fruit juices or fountain sodas on request). Vouchers can be consumed at any restaurant, self-service buffet, and bar.$30
Wine Package "Dinner Wine"The "Dinner Wine" MSC package offers house-brand wines - Dolcetto, Grillo, Montepulciano, Salento, Trebbiano. Passengers can choose between 1 rosé, 2 reds and 2 whites. Wines that are included in packages are available only in the main dining rooms. Unfinished bottles are conserved and served to you the next day.
  • $85 (7 bottles)
  • $120 (10 bottles)
Wine Package "Your Choice"

"Your Choice" wine selection gives you a choice of at least 20 labels featured in MSC select wine list. The low price of the package allows guests to save more than 20% off the regular wine prices.

The included in package wines are available only in the main dining rooms, and unfinished bottles are conserved and served to you the next day.

MSC’s dedicated sommelier is always onboard, available to assist with information and advice on available wines.

  • $160 (7 bottles)
  • $220 (10 bottles)

MSC Cruises may refuse to serve alcohol/further alcohol to a guest where in their opinion he/she is likely to be a nuisance/danger to himself/herself, other passengers or the ship.

Our survey found different opinions about MSC Cruises alcohol policy enforcement being uneven. Some passengers stated they packed wine and liquor in check bags upon their embarkation, others just brought alcohol onboard from call ports in not obvious bags. Even wine onboard MSC ships has to be consumed in the staterooms, not in the dining rooms, but there are guests who said this was not a must.