Carnival Cruise Information, Tips and Tricks

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This is a hub page for Carnival cruise information, secrets, tips and tricks, advice. The content here is updated constantly whenever new information or changes in information are revealed online. This is our modest Carnival cruise "tips and tricks" help and advice for all the coolest-hot fans of the world's best, cheapest and absolutely most-fun cruise line - ever! Part of this survey is also our new "Carnival Cruise Line Prices" section.

Check what are the new Carnival cruise prices - the optional (free will, baby!) additional cost of your Carnival Fun Ship vacation experiences, added directly to your Carnival fun ship ticket price if you really need to enjoy something "more fun than usual". From here you can browse our Carnival cruise information section, also see information on prices or all the rest in our Carnival cruise tips and tricks.

Carnival cruise secrets, tips and tricks

We take the Carnival Cruise Lines information subject seriously, and many of the most popular topics are reviewed separately. So if your interested in a particular subject - just follow our internal links. Enjoy!

How to get the best "Carnival" prices

Best prices on Carnival cruises are a real deal when you choose:Carnival cruise secrets, tips and tricks

  • the Carnival's Early Saver booking (20-30% off, depending on the itinerary length), always combined with a Price Protection guarantee.
  • Carnival cruise special offers by the line's "Concierge Club" loyalty program and any Carnival discounts/promotions available at booking (check for the Carnival promo codes), group booking (15 plus passengers).
  • low season travel deals (depend on destination, but the ever best are for early spring and fall. This is just when the best deals on Carnival ships Repositioning are hitting for the following destinations - Transatlantic and Panama Canal crossings (California - Florida), East Coast (Canada - Florida) and West Coast (to and from Alaska, often with Hawaii).
  • Carnival Last Minute deals - if you got the balls for it! Up to 70% lower rates. But it's a big-balls big thing - waiting until the very last moment to book a Carnival deal is nothing short to speculation. You may end up drinking beer ashore, the wife and kids yapping constantly at you about your mischief, and only tracking your Fun Ship's position online.
  • best-money-for-value deals by Carnival - free cabin upgrade  (with availability - up to 7 grades up for free), booking a Carnival suite (lots of extras there), package deals, specialty dining at most affordable charges, duty-free shopping and "high energy" gambling on board, and all the rest that costs extra and adds more to the Fun Ship experiences. You know your pocket - so you know best.

Carnival cruise prices information

Carnival cruise informationAlong with the survey on the average prices on Carnival cruise ships, we also give you categorized info on the cost of almost all Carnival Lines services and products. And even a review of the CCL quotes (it's the Carnival Cruises shares Stock Exchange Index/code).

As anything in life, the fun always has its not small price. And we all know how the price of happiness is increasing faster than it should. We'll continue to add more Carnival prices related information (and correct the old one in the process), so visit us regularly to see what's going on at the "Fun Ship Money Market".

And after getting the answers of all your top Carnival-Fun-Money questions - go to the balance-article about what is free and what is included in your Carnival ticket price.

Note: By following the internal ship-links at our Carnival cruise tracker (Fun Ships current itinerary programs and sailing schedules) you can see the lowest possible (available booking) cost of Carnival cruise tickets. These are the cheapest lowest cabin category cabin prices PP (based on double occupancy, of course).

Carnival cruise information in review articles

  • Are Carnival Cruises all inclusive (what will cost you extra)
  • Carnival ship locator - the current position/location of each of the Fun Ships, integrated with their itinerary/schedule/prices.
  • one-way Carnival cruises on ships relocation ( Transatlantic, Panama Canal, East-West Coast, etc), and your Carnival Xmas New Years Eve choices.
  • Free post cards are available at the ship's pursers desk.
  • Your cabin steward is your best buddy on the boat in terms of extra perks - think of extra pillows, for example.

And all about the Carnival Cruise Lines:

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Fun Ships Fun Ship 2.0 Best-Largest-Newest Ship Shore Excursions Kids Program Carnival news and updates

Carnival cruise price comparison websites

The actual Carnival cruise rates can be found through a travel agency/agent, providing regularly updated deals with real-time values. Check for the best Carnival deals at some of the following top best cruise travel booking sites.

  • The Big Business Big players are,,,, and of course,
  • now the smaller league, being best represented by VacationsToGo, Travel2000, CruisesCOM, CruiseDirect, BestCruisesCOM. You guys don't underestimate the smaller business's special deals and top offers! These fellas surely have more to lose if they lose you, so the customer's satisfaction by great bargains and bonuses is their top most priority.
  • Carnival cruise toll free number 800-327-9501.

I strongly recommend you to compare deals by both prices and inclusions. Simply because the money is always a treacherous thing - for a few bucks less they'll get something of good value out of you. And I'm not referring to the dignity thing here, it'll be a material one. Like a port hole, or a window, some bonus amenity, something. This is the main reason for you closely to compare rates for different Carnival cruise cabin types. Often you'll need to add a total of US $100-200 to indulge yourself with a balcony. Or even a suite accommodation (with late deals), which comes with complimentary services and bonus amenities. But if you're a budget-minded vacationer - yes, the cruise stateroom is mostly bed and shower, the most fun is really out there, to hell with the window - lets get this party started!

Carnival cruise information

  • Booking a cruise online? Start from Carnival website's "Quick Search" or "Find A Cruise". Or, go right to the page of ship that you prefer. Choose "Cruise Details" and select the number of guests, then click the price link for the stateroom's type. Fill in your information and provide the same for any additional passengers. The last step is to supply Carnival with your payment details.
  • The price protection assurance with Early Saver says that if a traveller finds lower Carnival advertised fare but he/she has already booked the cruise, Carnival will issue the difference in the form of non-refundable onboard credit. A price protection claim form has to be completed, available at link.
  • Carnival requires proper travel documentation at embarkation and throughout voyage. Any guest without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the ship, no refund will be issued. Carnival recommends all guests to sail with a passport. Though not required for the U.S. citizens on cruises beginning and ending in the same/different U.S. port, the passport may help expedite the CBP clearance upon your return to the U.S. In addition to citizenship's proof, a government-issued non-expired photo I.D. is required of guests 16 years/older. The following are acceptable: Driver’s Permit, Driver’s License, Government-Issued identification card, school/student I.D (for guests under 19).
  • Carnival prohibits certain items to be brought onboard. Confiscated Items include alcohol (hard liquor), beer, wine or champagne beyond the allowable limits - one bottle (750 ml) per adult in their carry-on; steamers and clothing irons; household and electrical appliances; hookah; heating pads. Exceptions include personal grooming devices; electronics (laptops, cellular phones, cameras); electrical devices (all allowed when used with proper caution).
  • Check in at least 1 ½ h prior to departure, otherwise you risk cancellation of reservation. Security Checkpoint includes going through x-ray security machines with the carry-on luggage (you'll have it checked in if exceeding 24"/16"/30". Carnival Cruises offer transportation services at most ports.
  • 6 months is the minimum age for sailing, with the exceptions of Hawaii, South American and Transatlantic cruises, which are 12 months. Babysitting services (Night Owls) for children ages 11/younger are provided during the 10p.m.-1a.m. interval and include movies, board and video games, drinks and snacks. It’s $6.75 per hour/per child.
  • Parents with kids aged 3 and younger are provided with a phone while on board. Parents with kids 4 and 5 years are provided with phones depending on ship’s availability. Parents of kids with special needs and allergies are also provided with phones. There is no charge for the service.
  • Carnival Cruises policy regarding passengers traveling with minors or alone states that cruisers under the age of 21 have to travel with a guardian/relative of 25yo/older. Those who are 18-20yo don't have any restrictions to book whatever location they like, but passengers 13-17 years of age have to be booked up to 3 cabins away from their guardian/relative; the 12yo/younger (when booking separate rooms) must either be next door or directly across the hall. Exceptions are as follows: legally married couples, qualified military personnel.
  • Effective on voyages which depart October 9, 2014/thereafter, staterooms and suites are entirely smoke free, including the outside balconies. Cigarette/E-cigarette smoking is still allowed in designated open deck areas, in the night clubs, and in certain areas within Carnival casino (for playing guests only) and casino bar. Pipe and cigar smoking is also allowed in designated open deck areas. Guests who smoke in the staterooms/on balconies are assessed $250 cleaning/refreshing fee on the Sail&Sign account.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines offer advanced roaming network, allowing guests to make and receive calls at sea using their own mobile phone/telephone number. International roaming charges are billed by guests' home mobile carrier.
  • Guests may use personal checks on board in order to acquire cash advance. 5.5% of the value or a flat fee of $5.50 (if the requested amount is $100 or less) is charged. Traveler's Checks (as well as Canadian Traveler's Checks) are cashed on board at Guest Services Desk, no fee is applied. Money orders or bank issued cashier's checks are not accepted on board. Carnival guests can make balance inquiries and withdraw funds on their accounts while the ship is at sea or in port. A $6.00 fee per transaction is applied for the service which is controlled by the bank sponsoring the ATMs.
  • Should a passenger require medical attention while on board, the Carnival Medical Center staff is ready to help 24 hours a day.
  • Guests who want to change dining after they're onboard, have to see the Maitre d’ and discuss if any changes are possible.
  • Each Carnival ship provides at least 2 self-service launderettes on the stateroom decks. Two or three dryers and washers are also available, and one iron/ironing board in each of the launderettes. $3.00 fare per washer/dryer load is applied.
  • International assistance is available by the multilingual Purser. Languages spoken include: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Japanese.
  • In order to obtain luggage tags, see the last page of the cruise documents. Print as many as you need by accessing your booking - view cruise details and select the link from To-Do List section.

Carnival cruise "Tips and Tricks" from the Fun Ship videos

We offer you here our special selection of several easy to comprehend video materials which source is the CCL's official website

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