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Celestyal Crystal cabins and suites

Celestyal Crystal staterooms review, floor plans, photos


Celestyal Crystal cabins and suites review at CruiseMapper provides detailed information on cruise accommodations, including floor plans, photos, room types and categories, cabin sizes, furniture details and included by Celestyal Cruises en-suite amenities and services.

The Celestyal Crystal cruise ship cabins page is conveniently interlinked with its deck plans showing deck layouts combined with a legend and review of all onboard venues.

Imperial Suite

Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:460 ft2 / 43 m2
Balcony size:included
Location (on decks):6-Venus
Type (categories):(SI) Imperial Suite

Balcony Suite

Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:390 ft2 / 36 m2
Balcony size:included
Location (on decks):7-Apollo
Type (categories):(SB) Balcony Suite

Window Suite

Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:270-365 ft2 / 25-34 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):6-Venus
Type (categories):(S) Window Suite

Balcony Junior Suite

Max passengers:3
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:160 ft2 / 15 m2
Balcony size:included
Location (on decks):6-Venus, 7-Apollo
Type (categories):(SBJ) Junior Suite with Balcony

Oceanview Cabins

Max passengers:4 (XA-XBO-XC-XD), 3 (XF), 2 (XB)
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:XB (120 ft2 / 11 m2), XA-XC (130 ft2 / 12 m2), XBO (140 ft2 / 13 m2), XD (150 ft2 / 14 m2), XF (160 ft2 / 15 m2)
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):XA (2-Athena), XBO (6-Venus), XB (3-Hermes, 5-Dionyssos), XC (3-Hermes, 4-Poseidon), XD (4-Poseidon), XF (7-Apollo),
Type (categories):(XA-Porthole, XBO, XB, XC, XD, XF) Exterior Staterooms

Inside Cabins

Max passengers:4 (IA-IB-IC-ID), 2 (IF)
Staterooms number:
Cabin size:IA-IB (120 ft2 / 11 m2), IC-ID-IE (140 ft2 / 13 m2)
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):IA (3-Hermes), IB (3-Hermes, 4-Poseidon), IC (4-Poseidon), ID (5-Dionyssos, 6-Venus, 7-Apollo), IE (7-Apollo)
Type (categories):(IA, IB, IC, ID, IE) Interior Staterooms

Celestyal Crystal cabins review

Of all Celestyal Crystal cabins, 53  are Suite-grade accommodations each with a private balcony. The ship has a total of 313 oceanview staterooms (including the 53 suites) and 163 interior cabins.

Follows the review of Celestyal Crystal staterooms as amenities, furniture, and complimentary services:

  • SG Grand / Imperial Balcony Suites have forward-facing balconies (with whirlpools, 4 sun loungers, table, 4 chairs). Each has 1 living room (sofa, table, chairs, flat TV), 1 bedroom (ample storage space, writing desk), bathroom (bathtub, deluxe bath products).
  • SB Balcony Suites have 1 living room (with sink and bar area concealed behind a wardrobe door, sofa, small table), triangular-shaped verandah, bedroom (double bed, ample closet space), split bathroom (toilet/sink, and sink/shower).
  • JS Junior Suites sizes vary (260 to 465 ft2 / 24-43 m2). Each one has only one room with a sitting area (sofa bed, table, chairs, flat TV, 2 single beds convertible to a queen.
  • Suite balconies extend by 5 ft / 1,4 m from the ship’s bulkhead. Veranda lengths vary between 9-19 ft / 2,8-5,8 m.
  • Deluxe Outside / Oceanview cabins have every 2 single beds; sitting area (sofa, table, chair), desk, flat TV; ample closet space), shower room (sink, curtain).
  • Premium Outside / Oceanview cabins and higher grades staterooms and suites also have mini-bars.
  • Superior Outside / Oceanview cabins on deck 6 are with obstructed views (by the lifeboats). Each stateroom has 3 single beds plus upper/bunk bed, large picture window, writing desk, flat TV, small shower room (no mini-bars).
  • Standard Outside / Oceanview cabins have a porthole window, 2 single beds, a small desk, shower room.
  • Inside / Interior cabins vary in size, still smaller than the industry’s standard. All have 2 single beds, small shower room. Deluxe grades have a suite area, Standard Insides have additionally 2 Pullman beds/bunk beds.
  • Wheelchair accessible cabins for disabled passengers are located on Deck 5. They feature wider doors, accessible bathroom (ramp), wooden floors.
  • All Celestyal Crystal cabins as amenities feature private bathrooms (shower), flat TV, radio/alarm clock, individual air conditioning.

Celestyal Crystal cabin and suite plans are property of Celestyal Cruises . All floor plans are for informational purposes only and CruiseMapper is not responsible for their accuracy.