AIDAsol deck 15 plan (FKK-Sundeck)

Deck layout and review

Review of AIDAsol deck 15 (FKK-Sundeck)

(Sonnendeck – Freibereich) Sun Deck games area (shuffleboard, giant chess, backgammon, Boccia, darts, table tennis).

(Glasdach) Wellness Oase’s glass roof.

Freikorperkultur (FKK Bereich) fore-located Nudist Deck. All AIDA ships have a generously-sized outdoor area where naked passengers can enjoy sunbathing protected from the gaze of curious suitors. The special FKK area is located forward on the ship's top-deck. In cruise ports where the country's culture doesn't allow nudism in public spaces (for example, Muslim countries), the AIDA ship's FKK deck can be accessed only in swimwear. Unlike some AIDA cruise liners, AIDAsol's FKK deck has two whirlpools (hot tubs).