Emerald Liberte deck 1 plan (Riviera-Spa)

Deck layout and review

Review of Emerald Liberte deck 1 (Riviera-Spa)

Staff accommodations and crew cabins are located after passenger staterooms. The ship’s engine room and propulsion units are located aft. Service and storage areas are located forward.

The boat’s Beauty Parlor provides professional hairdresser and barber services, also spa massages, facial treatments, manicure/pedicure. Reservations must be made in advance at the Reception.

There is also a shop-like area with cabinets displaying jewelry, sunglasses, some special occasion gifts, and accessories. These items can be purchased via the ship’s Reception.

Cruise cabins from 100 to 117, all of which Riviera Deck Emerald staterooms (categories D and E), plus the ship’s both single-occupancy cabins (numbers 100 and 101, category ES).