MS Fram deck 4 plan (Lobby-Dining-Science Center)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Fram deck 4 (Lobby-Dining-Science Center)

The Lobby area has floor-ceiling windows, front desk (Reception, Hurtigruten expeditions/tour booking, and information), Foyer Lounge (seating area). On Deck 4 are located also the small Shop (selling Hutigruten-logoed merchandise, hand-made souvenirs, special occasion gifs) and Photo.

Lindstrom Specialty Restaurant is located aft-portside. Suite-category passengers dine complimentary at Lindstrom daily (all-inclusive breakfast and dinner). Other cabin grade passengers can also dine at Lindstrom (breakfast and/or dinner) but at extra charge (a la carte priced menu, premium wine list).

The aft-located Aune Restaurant (Aune Main Dining) is the ship's complimentary Dining Room (capacity 234 seats) with floor-ceiling windows, buffet station in the middle, self-service beverage station (for coffee-tea-juices), an outdoor seating area (alfresco terrace). The Galley / Kitchen is adjacent to the Restaurant. Aune Restaurant serves complimentary Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Breakfast is buffet-style (bacon, eggs, sausages, cold meats, cheeses, seafood, bread selection, cereals, fruits, porridge). Lunch is also buffet-style (salads, soups, hot/cold meats, seafood, vegetables, desserts). Dinner is 4-seating and waiter-served (3-course menu, including traditional Scandinavian dishes). Wine by the bottle is offered at extra cost. Hurtigruten has a wine package available for purchase at the Restaurant.

In the area of Fram Science Centre, the ship previously had 2 lecture halls – Framheim (portside) and Polhogda (starboard), with total capacity 250 seats. They offered multimedia presentations and expert lectures by guest scientists and wildlife experts. Also there was the Colin Archer Room (housing conferences and group meetings).

The fore-located Fram Science Centre (on the photo below) is an Activity Center (large "scientific lounge" / research lab) packed with high-tech gadgets (including microscopes and touch screens) and latest digital technology equipment. The venue consists of Library, Lecture Halls, Photo Center (photo- and video-processing studio), Conference Room, Expedition Team Room, dedicated areas for themed educational activities (workshops in biology, marine life, geography, photography, etc). Hurtigruten's Expedition Team provides here passengers with scientific information and technology assistance.

Hurtigruten new ships (Science Centre Lounge)