MS Maud deck 3 plan (Expedition)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Maud deck 3 (Expedition)

The Infirmary (Hospital and Pharmacy) and officers and crew cabins are located here, along with some of the vessel’s service areas.

Expedition Landing Deck with Tender Lobby (lounge area, aka “tender pit”) facilitates the crew and passenger embarkation/disembarkation (loading/offloading) process on landings (expeditions and tours ashore) and shore excursions. The docking bay is at sea level. Ship-to-shore tendering is serviced by Polarcirkel (inflatable boats) located in the aft storage area. These boats are used mostly for nature and wildlife watching excursions.

MS Midnatsol ship's Car Deck had cargo capacity 45 cars and was serviced by a separate car lift. The ship also had here forward-starboard located passenger cabins (from L2-302 to L2-336), all of which in category L (Obstructed View Outside).