MS Maud deck 8 plan (Lounge)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Maud deck 8 (Lounge)

The fore-located Explorer Bar Lounge is 2-decks high bar lounge (Explorer Bar is on upper level) and the cruise ship's main and largest lounge venue. This is an indoor observation lounge with comfortable furniture (plush sofas and chairs) and floor-ceiling windows offering 180-degree scenery views on both levels. The lounge has also an Internet Cafe (with PC stations) and a small dance floor (on the lower level). The Internet Cafe is for personal laptops only (cables are not provided). Wi-Fi onboard is free, with shipwide coverage.

Two bar areas (formerly known as Mysterier Bar/portside, and Paradis Bar/starboard) both offer comfortable seating and beverage service.

The ship's Library (former The Hamsumn Room) is well-stocked, with a collection of books in English and some popular board games. Windows here are also floor-ceiling. The midship-starboard Lounge is decorated with wood-panels, paintings by Norwegian artist Kenneth Blom and furnished with highback chairs and comfortable couches.

All public venues on Lounge Deck are great places to use the ship's free Wi-Fi.

Deck 8 also has aft-located cruise cabins from U2-801 to MX-826, of which Outside staterooms category U2 (x14, of them 2 are connecting with the MG-Suites), 10x Grand Suites (category MG) and 2x Owner’s Suites (MX-833 /portside, and MX-834 /starboard, both with aft location, and large private step-out balconies).