MS Otto Sverdrup deck 12 plan (Finnmarken deck5)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Otto Sverdrup deck 12 (Finnmarken deck5)

The ship features a full-circle Promenade Deck – an open-air deck space perfect for daily observation and strolling. A unique feature of this vessel is that even its bow is passenger-accessible. The ship has 6 service boats – 4 are used as tenders (passenger tendering) and 2 lifeboats.

Forward are located 4 smaller Conference Rooms used as meeting rooms and for special occasion events.

MS Finnmarken cruise cabins from Q2-501 to I4-591, of which 7x Inside, 9x Mini-Suites (category Q, bow or mid-ship location, cabins 529 and 530 have separate beds), 2x Mini-Suites with Obstructed View (QJ-540 & 542 /mid-ship), 4x Outside Obstructed View rooms (category J, mid-ship) and the rest are Outside staterooms category P (x58).