Normandie ferry deck plans

Deck layouts, review of facilities, activities, amenities

Normandie ferry deck plan review at CruiseMapper provides newest cruise deck plans (2024-2025-2026 valid floor layouts of the vessel) extracted from the officially issued by BRITTANY FERRIES (Ferries) deckplan pdf (printable version).

Each of the Normandie ferry cruise ship deck plans are conveniently combined with a legend (showing cabin codes) and detailed review of all the deck's venues and passenger-accessible indoor and outdoor areas. A separate link provides an extensive information on Normandie ferry staterooms (cabins and suites), including photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category.

MV Normandie ferry was launched in 1992 and is operated by BRITTANY FERRIES. The ship has the following main facilities:

BRITTANY FERRIES Normandie ship decks plan

  • Le Deauville (deck 8 - 2-section restaurant with two menus - a la carte and buffet, French wines, bar)
  • Riva Bella (self-service/buffet restaurant on deck 8, hot and cold meals)
  • Le Kiosque (deck 9 - shop for gifts, souvenirs, toys, confectionery, newspapers, magazines)
  • La Vitrine (deck 8 - shop for fashion clothing and accessories, watches, jewelry, leather goods)
  • PhotoShop (deck 8 - shop for souvenir photos, photo-video equipment, electronic goods)
  • Les Boutiques (decks 7, 9 - shops for perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and skincare products, confectionery, tobaccos, alcohol/spirits, wines)
  • Le Pays d'Auge (patisserie/cafe bar on deck 9 - sandwiches, cakes, pastries, hot/cold drinks, flat TVs)
  • 2 cinemas (both on deck 7) - tickets can be purchased from Information Desk
  • Kids Playroom (on deck 9 - children entertainment program is available during peak season)
  • Video games room (deck 8)
  • Baby changing rooms (decks 8, 9), complimentary Baggage Room (deck 7)
  • Chance Planet (deck 9, casino/gambling lounge with slot machines)
  • Reserved Seating Lounge (forward on deck 7, with reclining / Pullman seats)
  • Le Derby Bar (ship's main bar lounge on deck 9 - fine French wines, cocktails, cold/hot drinks, flat TVs, live entertainment)
  • free Wi-Fi, ATM / cash machine (deck 7, next to Information Desk / Reception)
  • disabled toilets (decks 7, 8, 9)
  • The ship has 3 elevators (passenger lifts) accessing all decks.
  • Sun Deck is an outdoor area that doubles as Helideck (helipad) - helicopter landing platform used in cases of emergency.

Next image shows the ship's muster stations on decks 5-6-7-8, as well as the location of lifeboats, liferafts and evacuation chutes used in cases of emergency.

Normandie ferry deck plans 5-6-7-8 (muster stations)

Follows a list of car decks related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk (deck 7, open 24-hours).
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number/stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger lounges is forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.
  • In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

Deck layouts

  • Deck 06 - Cars

    Normandie ferry Deck 06 - Cars
  • Deck 07 - Cabins-Lobby-Shops-Lounge

    Normandie ferry Deck 07 - Cabins-Lobby-Shops-Lounge
  • Deck 08 - Restaurants-Shops-Kids

    Normandie ferry Deck 08 - Restaurants-Shops-Kids
  • Deck 09 - Lounge-Casino-Kids-Cabins

    Normandie ferry Deck 09 - Lounge-Casino-Kids-Cabins

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