Silver Cloud deck 3 plan (Embarkation-Hospital)

Deck layout and review

Review of Silver Cloud deck 3 (Embarkation-Hospital)

Infirmary/Medical Center is the ship’s hospital operated by resident doctors and nurses on 24-hour duty. Payments are made by the Silversea Cruises boarding pass. Treatments are equivalent to a private doctor’s visit. General health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.

The portside-located Changing Room (aka Mud Room) is utilized for passenger embarkation and disembarkation on/from the Zodiac boats (large-capacity, inflatable boats / expedition landing craft). The room has lockers providing gear storage (jackets, boots, snorkeling equipment). In warm weather destinations, the cruise ship provides complimentary snorkeling gear (wetsuit, mask, snorkel, fins) for passenger use during the cruise expedition.

Ship entrances (starboard and portside embarkation areas)