Silver Galapagos deck 5 plan (Lido-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Silver Galapagos deck 5 (Lido-Cabins)

The Grill is an outdoor restaurant (Steakhouse and Seafood) and an alternative casual dinner option for gourmet dining under the stars. Signature meals here are the lava-rocks grilled meat (premium beef, veal, pork, lamb), seafood (salmon, prawns, fresh fish of the day), Mediterranean vegetables, salad of the day, baked potatoes. Wines are complimentary, but premium wines from the Connoisseur’s Wine List are extra charge.

The Hot Rocks Grill implements Silversea Cruises interactive dining concept (named “Black Rock Grill Experience”). It allows guests the unique chance to cook their own meat and seafood to their own specifications (on the grill stone or in a soup bowl). This Lido Deck section is equipped with gas heaters and a covering that protects guests from inclement weather. Between 7:30 am and 4 pm, Hot Rocks operates as a rotisserie and fast food bar (made-to-order burgers). Dinner (7 – 10 pm) is waiter-served and reservations-only. Stone cooking is available only in the evenings. Wellness Breakfast menu includes smoothies, fresh fruit/veggie drinks, low-calorie food. Among the grill’s daily items are pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, hot dogs, grilled meat/seafood.

Cruise cabins from 505 to 519, all of which are balcony staterooms in categories Terrace Suite (category TS) and Veranda Suite (category VR).