MSC Group's Explora Journeys announces coin ceremony of MSC Explora 1

   February 25, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

MSC Group's new luxury lifestyle travel brand Explora Journeys announced the coin ceremony of their first cruise ship MSC EXPLORA 1, on February 24, ahead of the maiden voyage of the newbuild scheduled for May 2023.

The time-honoured tradition takes place when the first block/section of the ship is lowered into the building dock, and 2 newly minted coins are placed inside the ship block for blessing and good fortune by a couple of long-standing employees representing the shipowner and the shipyard acting as godmothers for the official ceremony.

The godmothers for the MSC EXPLORA 1 ceremony were Ester Fugazzi, Head of General Services for Fincantieri and Alessandra Fontana, Chief Marketing Officer for Explora Journeys.

MSC EXPLORA 1 is being constructed in Monfalcone (Italy) by Fincantieri, one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world.

The event was attended by the following key executives: Mr. Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman, MSC Group`s Cruise Division, Mr. Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer Explora Journeys, Mr. Guiseppe Bono Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Luigi Matarazzo General Manager, Merchant Shipyard Director, Fincantieri.

MSC Explora 1 cruise ship

Construction work started on MSC EXPLORA 2, the 2nd in Explora Journeys’ fleet of luxury cruise ships, in November last year. It is due to welcome its first passengers in Spring 2024. A pair of further newbuilds will join the fleet in 2025-2026 as a demonstration of MSC Group’s commitment to establishing the Explora Journeys brand, created for the new generation of luxury travellers.