Installation of ground-breaking solar & battery system underway at Portsmouth International Port UK

   March 28, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The installation of a ground-breaking solar-and-battery system is underway at Portsmouth International Port (England UK), managed by the in-house energy services team of Portsmouth City Council. The project started in February 2022 and is expected to incorporate roof-mounted solar panels across buildings, a large battery and solar canopies.

When completed, the power produced by all 2660 solar panels will contribute ~35% of the Port’s power which is a major step in the ambition of Portsmouth International Port to be the UK's first net-zero carbon port.

The installation is due to be completed in the summer of 2022.

Portsmouth is now the first UK port to boast solar canopies and a mega-watt-sized battery installed as part of a renewable installation. When completed, the 1.2-megawatt peak system will be the largest solar & battery installation to date across the portfolio of renewable generation of the council.

The solar canopies will also provide shade for the cars waiting to board ferries.

The battery, with a 1,5 MWh capacity, will capture green power that would otherwise be exported from the site and use it in the port’s buildings when it's needed.

The new battery will work in tandem with the upcoming battery storage pilot announced in the summer of 2021, supplying balancing services to the national grid and storing power during lower pricing periods. When complete, it is estimated that in optimum conditions up to 98% of the electricity consumed by the port could come from the solar & battery installation.

Port of Portsmouth UK (England)

The work is the latest in a series of solar & battery projects being managed by the in-house energy services team of the council. The team procured Custom Solar following a competitive tender exercise through the newly established PV and Storage framework.