Carnival Corporation to commence dredging in East Grand Bahama for a mega cruise port

   August 2, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The world's largest cruise shipowner Carnival Corporation expects to start dredging in East Grand Bahama for a new cruise port in the next 60-90 days, a company executive told hundreds of residents at the Grand Lucayan Resort.  

According to David Candib (VP of Global Ports & Destinations Development), they were looking to dredge ~12 m (39 ft) and had identified some of the coral for transplanting/relocation at donor sites in Grand Bahama. 

When completed, this US$200 million facility will be the largest cruise ship terminal built by Carnival, with capacity to accommodate two large liners (CCL's new EXEL-class) simultaneously. The company broke ground on 300+ acres / 121+ hectares of land at Sharp Rock on May 12th.

Opportunities will be available, particularly for Bahamians interested in the building/operating retail, food & beverage, restaurant businesses & shore trips at the port.  

The project's first component will focus on maritime construction, including dredging/pier construction work.  

According to Mr. Candib, they expected to start dredging by September-October.

“We are now working with a variety of large international dredge contractors with large equipment to dredge to allow the ships to come in and dock.” 

The dredging is due to be completed by early January 2023.

By May 2023, Candib said they would begin to see buildings coming out of the ground. The new port is expected to be completed in 2024-Q4.