Ukrainian refugees living on Glasgow-docked cruise ship MS Ambition to be rehomed

   January 14, 2023 ,   Accidents

Ukrainian refugees living on a cruise ship moored in Clydeport (Greenock/Glasgow, Scotland) are to be rehomed as the contract of the Scottish government with the vessel comes to an end.

MS Ambition has been home to ~1170 people, including 420 kids since September 2022.

According to the Scottish government, the contract with the shipowner (Ambassador Cruise Line) was on a short-term basis and ends on March 31st.

The contract for a second hotel ship - Tallink Victoria I ferry (docked in Edinburgh) was extended by 5 months.

The Scottish government is working closely with Glasgow City Council and other local authorities in order to find longer-term accommodation on the Glasgow ship.

MS Ambition, docked at Glasgow's King George V Dock, was contracted for a 6-month period.

Those onboard were given access to restaurants, kid play facilities, shops, and communal and cleaning spaces. They were also given access to benefits support services and healthcare.

Port of Greenock-Glasgow (Clydeport, Scotland)

Since the Russia-Ukraine war started 11 months ago, 22000+ people with a Scottish sponsor arrived.

The Scottish government launched a GBP 50 million fund in 2022 to bring unused council and registered social landlord properties into use as well as increase the available housing supply.