Dozens of ferry cancellations after powerful storm hits northern Europe

   February 18, 2023 ,   Accidents

A storm over Europe's North Sea caused dozens of train and ferry cancellations on Friday, February 17th in Denmark and Norway.

The Danish Meteorological Institute forecast hurricane-force wind gusts.

The powerful storm (named Otto) was set to move east over the Baltic Sea and Sweden. A “fairly strong” low-pressure system was behind the storm.

All ferries in southern Norway were canceled. ~5000 passengers had to wait until at least Saturday to take ferryboats between northern Denmark-southern Norway.

Erik Brynhildsbakken (Color Line's CEO) said they should have avoided that, but Otto was not a normal weather type, "so this does not happen very often.” 

A ferry route to northern Germany was also suspended with the storm skirting the north of the German Baltic Sea coast.