Godmother announced for Quark Expeditions' newest ship Ultramarine

   June 9, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Quark Expeditions has announced that Dr. Sian Proctor will serve as the godmother for their newest ship - Ultramarine. They are inviting guests to join her in celebrating the ship's launch and embark on an expedition to Snow Hill Island (off Antarctic Peninsula's east coast) in November 2023.

The tradition of appointing a godmother for a ship signifies the importance of strong women as symbols of good luck and safe voyages at sea. However, Ultramarine, much like its exceptional polar expeditions, aims to surpass tradition and expectations. Dr. Proctor, embodying the ship's spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries, is a trailblazer who has fearlessly pursued extraordinary achievements. She has ventured to the world's most remote regions and even ventured into space as an astronaut, being the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft.

Sian "Leo" Proctor has already joined Ultramarine guests and participated in its initial Antarctic voyages, making her an ideal partner for this role. She brings a powerful voice to the ship, advocating tirelessly for inclusivity and capability. With her expertise in geoscience, she understands the inner strengths of individuals and the unifying force of the landscapes they encounter.

Moreover, as an artist and career educator, Proctor possesses the remarkable ability to bring Ultramarine's capabilities to life for polar explorers. She recognizes that it is not solely about the vessel itself, but also about the ship's stories and images, which have the power to inspire polar ambassadors worldwide.

Quark Expeditions enthusiastically invites explorers to join Sian Proctor on Ultramarine for the special November 24, 2023 voyage titled "Emperor Penguin Quest: Expedition to Snow Hill" (14-day roundtrip from Ushuaia).