Cruise Baltic introduces new OPS-onshore power supply overview

   June 24, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Cruise Baltic has developed an updated version of its overview of onshore power supply (OPS) in the Baltic Sea region. The purpose of this overview is to provide cruise lines with easy access to information on shore power and facilitate sustainable itinerary planning.

Cruise Baltic, in collaboration with Cruise Europe and Cruise Britain, has worked to align the databases of all three cruise networks. The new version of the OPS overview is more user-friendly and can be directly accessed from the front page of

The updated OPS overview includes details such as power supply, fees, and connection time, ensuring that cruise lines have all the necessary information for planning sustainable itineraries. The tool allows itinerary planners to make more informed decisions based on the availability of onshore power supply.

Onshore power supply plays a significant role in improving the local environment in and around ports. By reducing the release of harmful pollutants like NOx, SOx, and particulate matter, OPS helps enhance air quality, reduce noise, and improve the overall well-being of surrounding areas.

Cruise Baltic aims to encourage cruise lines to embrace sustainable practices and promote the installation of shore power in the region. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on OPS, the network supports the cruise industry's transition toward a greener future.

Currently, ports such as Kiel and Rostock in Germany, Kristiansand in Norway, and Aarhus in Denmark have already implemented OPS. Stockholm in Sweden is expected to be ready with shore power later this year, followed by Copenhagen, Denmark in 2025. It is estimated that 9-14 ports in the region will be shore power ready by 2030. Globally, ~40% of the cruise fleet is equipped with shore power, and this number is expected to reach 75% by 2030.

Cruise Baltic, established in 2004, is a B2B network consisting of 32 cruise ports in the Baltic Sea region. Its main objective is to promote the region to cruise lines and travel agents, offering excellent service, high standards, and seamless integration between ports and cities throughout the area.