Cayman Islands hosted Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association's PAMAC Summit

   July 3, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

For the first time, the Cayman Islands played host to the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association's (FCCA) PAMAC Summit, marking a significant milestone for the industry. The event brought together 100 FCCA Platinum Members and over 25 top-level cruise executives.

Taking place from June 20-23, PAMAC Summit provided invaluable opportunities for the attendees to participate in meetings and networking sessions. It also served as a platform to showcase the Cayman Islands' commitment to collaboration with the cruise industry.

The event was brimming with chances for FCCA Platinum Members to directly engage with cruise executives who represent more than 90% of the global ship cruising capacity. These executives make crucial decisions regarding cruise destinations, onboard offerings, and destination investments.

During the summit, participants had 220+ one-on-one meetings with cruise executives. Additionally, there were numerous networking functions and a two-part main session. One part focused on shore excursions, while the other covered operations, itineraries, and retail.

Esteemed panelists, including Frank A. Del Rio (Oceania's President) Richard Sasso (MSC Cruises USA's Chairman) and Minister Bryan delivered insightful remarks and presentations while addressing questions from participants.

The Caymans took advantage of this opportunity to engage in candid discussions with industry partners on various topics, such as product development, diversification, itinerary planning, and infrastructure management. The goal was to enhance customer satisfaction and facilitate sustainable growth and development of the cruise tourism sector, with a strong emphasis on prioritizing quality over quantity.

Overall, the Caymans demonstrated its dedication to working closely with the cruise industry and maintaining open lines of communication. The ultimate objective is to foster the long-term success and positive evolution of the cruise tourism sector.