Riverside Luxury Cruises' ship Riverside Ravel christened in Viviers, France

   August 20, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

In a scene reminiscent of a medieval tale, the quaint town of Viviers (Ardeche, France) bore witness to a maritime celebration that echoed through the ages. On the 16th of August, Anouchka Gerlach, graced with the role of a modern-day maritime deity, christened the Riverside Ravel in an exultant ceremony. The vessel's bow pointed towards the forthcoming debut on the Rhone River, an odyssey that promises to redefine luxury river cruising.

Riverside Ravel is the second jewel in the crown of Riverside Luxury Cruises/fleet, an eminent Hamburg-based establishment birthed by the visionary kinship of Anouchka and Gregor Gerlach in the waning months of 2022. Their nautical creation epitomizes a voyage of splendor, as it embarks on a serene sojourn between the historic cities of Lyon and Arles. Much like her sibling, Riverside Mozart, which presently graces the Danube's waters, Riverside Ravel is poised to elevate the notion of opulence on river voyages to unprecedented heights.

Within the confines of its exquisite suites, the Riverside Ravel promises an oasis of luxury that harmonizes with the gentle rhythms of the Rhone. Each suite is not merely a room, but an experience in itself, elegantly appointed and accompanied by a personalized butler service that caters to the whims of every guest.

As the vessel navigates the tranquil waters of the Rhone, it aspires to be more than a riverboat; it is a realm of indulgence, characterized by gastronomic delights curated to resonate with the region's culinary tapestry. 

Having cast off its moorings in the spring of 2023, Riverside Cruises has unveiled a trifecta of journeys that traverse the Danube, Rhine, and now, the Rhone. Aboard their fleet of stately all-suite ships, the company has orchestrated a symphony of bespoke service, exclusive shore excursions, and an unparalleled culinary odyssey, designed to cater to the discerning sensibilities of today's travelers.