DCL's DisneyBand+ available on Disney Magic cruise ship

   September 23, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

DCL-Disney Cruise Line has introduced DisneyBand+ for guests sailing on Disney Magic, enhancing their vacation experience with convenience and added functionality.

DisneBand+ is a wristband similar to the MagicBand+ found at Walt Disney World. It offers various features that simplify and enhance the experience.

Before the voyage, guests can utilize the DisneyBand+ for a smoother embarkation process. Upon arrival at the port, guests can use the band for a hands-free check-in. A cast member will scan the band, allowing swift access to the ship.

Once on board, the DisneyBand+ serves as a key to access the guest's stateroom, eliminating the need to carry around a key card.

For added convenience, guests can charge food and merchandise to their stateroom folio using the DisneyBand+. This eliminates the need to carry a credit card while exploring the ship. The band can be scanned at select dining locations and shops to make purchases that will be charged back to the stateroom.

On Disney's private island, the DisneyBand+ can also be used for shopping or purchasing specialty drinks. This eliminates the need to carry a credit card, as the band can be worn in the water without concern.

DisneyBand+ was initially introduced on the Disney Wish and later expanded to Disney Fantasy. DCL has announced that guests sailing on the Disney Magic can purchase DisneyBand+ for voyages starting October 22, 2023.

DisneyBand+ offers a range of designs, with over 50 options to suit various styles and preferences. Prices start at $34.99 for solid colors, while themed bands are priced at approximately $44.99 plus tax. Guests are encouraged to purchase their bands in advance, at least 45 days before their sail date, to ensure timely delivery.

Guests who already possess a MagicBand+ from their visit to Walt Disney World can use it as their DisneyBand+ on their Disney cruise, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy the convenience of the bands during their cruise experience.