Resorts World One cruise ship commences voyages to Vietnam from Hong Kong China

   November 15, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The Resorts World One cruise ship's arrival in Nha Trang on Tuesday, November 14, followed by Da Nang on Wednesday, November 15, marks the official start of Resorts World Cruises' voyages to Vietnam from Hong Kong, departing on selected Sundays.

The 5-night Vietnam itinerary includes visits to UNESCO sites Nha Trang and Da Nang, renowned for their heritage, culture, and natural beauty. The cruise offers various accommodations and luxury options like the signature Palace Suites.

Guests can enjoy international cuisine, waterslides, pools, shows, and more aboard Resorts World One. Exploring Nha Trang's beaches and cultural sites, followed by Da Nang's modern and traditional attractions, enhances the experience.

The cruise, starting in Hong Kong, provides convenient travel with unique experiences. Other cruise options include the current NahaMiyakojima and the upcoming BoracayManila cruises from Hong Kong in January 2024.