Cruise Passenger Kicked off for Flicking Cigarette

   June 19, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

The Daily Mail reported that a passenger was kicked off a cruise ship after flicking a cigarette butt off of the ship's side earlier this week.

The incident happened during P&O 10-day cruise to Bali when the security officer witnessed a traveller flick his cigarette butt off the side of the ship. The cruiser was told to return to his stateroom where he regretted when he had done and immediately apologized.

Since fire onboard is the number one concern for safety on cruise ships, the PO captain had no choice but to remove the 57-yo man from the voyage at the next port of call.

The P&O health & safety video states:

“Passengers are never to throw cigarette butts, matches, or cigar ends over the side of the ship or from a cabin balcony. They could easily be blown back onto the ship and start a fire. Remember, you can only smoke in designated smoking areas.”

In 2006, a fire was started onboard Star Princess because of a smouldering cigarette. One cruise passenger died and 11 others were injured. More than 100 staterooms were burned.

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