Marella Cruises and Cleaner Seas Group launch microplastic capture trial on Marella Explorer

   May 23, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

Marella Cruises, part of TUI UK, partnered with Cleaner Seas Group (Cornwall-based greentech innovation company) for the industry's first initiative involving a 6-month trial for microplastic capture aboard the Marella Explorer ship.

Marella has installed two INDIKON filters on Marella Explorer’s crew laundry system. This trial aims to prevent the release of plastic microfibers into marine ecosystems.

The INDIKON filter, developed by Cleaner Seas Group, is designed to capture microplastics from washing machine water waste and can be fitted to existing machines.

In collaboration with the University of Surrey, the trial will focus on addressing one of the primary sources of ocean microplastic pollution: microfibers from laundry wastewater. The university will monitor and measure the microplastics captured on board.

Based on the findings, Cleaner Seas Group will refine the filter technology to provide effective long-term solutions for microplastic capture. Marella Cruises plans to review the results of the trial before considering the deployment of INDIKON filters across its entire fleet, including the ships Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer, Marella Explorer 2, and Marella Voyager.