RCG-Royal Caribbean Group introduces industry-first Loyalty Status Match across all brands

   June 1, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

RCG-Royal Caribbean Group has announced a significant enhancement to its guest experience by introducing a Loyalty Status Match program across its 3 wholly-owned brands: RCI-Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity and Silversea.

This program, effective from June 5th, allows loyalty members from each brand to attain equivalent tier status across all brands, adding new benefits and opportunities for exploration to their existing perks.

Announced on May 30, this initiative is the first of its kind among major cruise companies and is designed to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for guests. Members of RCI’s Crown & Anchor Society, Celebrity’s Captain’s Club, and Silversea’s Venetian Society will enjoy reciprocal tier status, enhancing their vacation experiences on any of the 50+ ships sailing to ~1000 destinations worldwide.

The Loyalty Status Match program underscores RCG’s commitment to delivering unparalleled vacations responsibly. By aligning the loyalty programs of its core brands, the company aims to offer guests a broad spectrum of vacation options, including land-based experiences through CocoCay and the Royal Beach Club collection.

The program ensures that guests can enjoy the specific benefits and amenities associated with their status tier, regardless of which brand they choose to sail with.

Key features of the Loyalty Status Match program include:

  • Seamless Status Recognition: Members will receive equivalent tier status across all three brands after enrolling in each respective program.
  • Onboard Benefits: Guests will enjoy the benefits offered by their tier status when sailing with any sister brand.
  • Effortless Tier Matching: Members already enrolled in multiple loyalty programs will be automatically matched across brands within seven days.
  • Enhanced Travel Experience: Status match allows guests to choose from a wider range of vacation experiences and destinations.

For example, a member of Silversea’s Venetian Society with 250 VS Days can achieve Elite status in Celebrity Cruises' Captain’s Club when their loyalty accounts are linked. Additionally, changes in terms and conditions will clarify how member data is shared across programs and outline other legal aspects.

This program aims to enrich the guest experience and reward loyalty, providing more reasons for guests to explore everything Royal Caribbean Group has to offer.