AIDAdiva leads the way in Stockholm’s shore-power milestone

   June 8, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

Port Stockholm is on the verge of completing Sweden's first shore power supply facilities for cruise vessels, marking a significant milestone in its sustainable maritime efforts. By October this year, 35+ cruise ships are expected to connect to these onshore power sources, significantly reducing emissions and noise pollution in the city.

Ports of Stockholm is finalizing the installation of two shorepower facilities at Stadsgarden Quays. The project saw its first successful test on May 30, with the participation of AIDAdiva, a cruise ship from German cruise company AIDA, Ports of Stockholm's largest cruise customer.

According to Jens Holm, Chair of the Board of Ports of Stockholm, the implementation of onshore power for cruise ships represents a critical step for Stockholm in achieving its climate goals and enhancing the city's environment. This initiative is part of Stockholm's commitment to becoming a sustainable premium destination.

The construction of these facilities has been underway for two years, aiming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, and noise from docked cruise ships. Ships connected to the shore power can turn off their diesel generators and rely on the electricity grid, significantly lowering their environmental impact.

Ports of Stockholm collaborated with international partners to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency in these facilities. The shore power connection at berth S167 received support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Klimatklivet. Additionally, the project received grants from the EU, in collaboration with three Baltic Sea ports - Copenhagen/Malmo, Aarhus, and Helsinki - to invest in onshore power supply.

Upon completion, the facilities will enable over 45% of cruise calls at Ports of Stockholm to connect to shore power, aligning with the City of Stockholm’s goals to become climate-positive by 2030 and fossil-free by 2040.