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AIDA Greets Hanse Sail 2017: VIDEO

By ,   August 14, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

For the 4th time in a row, AIDA Cruises sponsored a ship for one of the major public attractions of one of Germany’s largest maritime festivals.

Due to the support of the Rostock-based cruise line, the venerable Russian ship “Kruzenshtern” was a guest at the 27th Hanse Sail (August 10–13, 2017).

The 4-masted barque “Kruzenshtern,” which sails under a Russian flag, is the only remaining vessel still in service from the well known Flying-P Liners fleet. It formed part of the impressive windjammer parade that took place against the backdrop of Rostock-Warnemunde.

AIDA Cruises brought a couple of the 12 ships in its fleet to Hanse Sail 2017. On Saturday, August 12, AIDAmar visited Warnemünde while AIDAdiva called on Sunday, August 13.