Cruise Ships Still Stop in Montreal Despite Right-Whale Restriction

   September 11, 2017 ,   Cruise Industry

New speed restrictions that are aimed at protecting right whales will not affect cruise-ship industry in Montreal, Port of Montreal says.

Port spokesperson Melanie Nadeau said they were a destination and embarkation point, so it would not have an effect because the cruise vessels had to get there.

In Gaspe, ten cruise ships cancelled mid-cruise calls, leaving the tourism industry of the region reeling.

In August 2017, the federal government ordered large ships to slow down in Gulf of St Lawrence. Since early June, 10 of the endangered mammals have died in the gulf, some of them after colliding with vessels.

Ships of 20 metres or more will have to slow to 10 knots (19 km/h) in western Gulf of St Lawrence, from Quebec North Shore to north of Prince Edward Island.

Montreal’s cruise season runs from May through October. Port of Montreal activities support around 16,000 jobs and generate US$2.1 billion in economic benefits per year.

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