Ferry Explosion Injures 25 Passengers in Mexico

   February 22, 2018 ,   Accidents

An explosion onboard a ferry which unloaded passengers in the Caribbean city of Playa del Carmen on Wednesday, February 21, hurt 25 people.

According to authorities none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Juan Medina Sosa, local Civil Defense director, said 20 Mexicans, 3 Canadians and 2 Americans were injured, and all were in good condition.

The victims sustained minor cuts and were all taken to hospital for treatment.

The Barcos Caribe ship was left with a gaping hole in the starboard side next to passenger seating area.

The municipal statement revealed the explosion happened when travelers were getting off the ferry. The cause is not yet known.

Service to nearby resort island of Cozumel continues with other ferry companies operating from the municipal dock.