VIDEO: Boston Harbor Cruise Ship with 300 Students Aboard Hits Moored Boats

   June 23, 2018 ,   Accidents

The U.S. Coast Guard is currently investigating after a cruise ship carrying 326 people hit 6 moored sailboats in Boston Harbor Thursday morning, June 21.

At the time of accident, the Odyssey ship was carrying 8th grade students on a class trip from Day Middle School in Newton. No one was injured.

The sailboats were hit around 11 am, according to USCG officials. Authorities said Odyssey had temporarily lost power while leaving the Rowes Wharf pier and drifted backward into the moored boats which  suffered minor damage.

Another ship was able to tow ms Odyssey and moor it to safely get passengers offboard.

Odyssey Boston said a faulty part had caused the engine failure. 

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