Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Cancels Grand Celebration's Trips

   October 2, 2018 ,   Cruise Industry

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has cancelled all trips for one of its vessels, Grand Celebration, in October and November so the ship can be sent up to port of Boston to help in restoration efforts with Merrimack Valley gas explosions.

Grand Celebration will be used to house workers who are helping with restoration. On its website, the company apologized to its clients, but is standing behind the decision.

Grand Celebration cruise ship

Gas service was disconnected in over 8,000 homes across Andover, North Andover and Lawrence, following around 70 explosions and fires on September 13 believed to have been due to high gas pressure.

Currently, the housing needs are hard to estimate as final restoration plans were established, according to Columbia Gas spokesman Scott Ferson.

The employees and workers are being housed in area hotels, but via the addition of the ship hotel rooms are freed up for residents who are still impacted by the explosions.

It is not the first time Grand Celebration has aided struggling communities. The ship was chartered by FEMA after hurricanes Irma and Maria and housed volunteers working the disaster zones.

For other Grand Celebration accidents and incidents see at the ship's CruiseMinus page.