Ponant's Le Soleal Grounds in Chile

   November 16, 2018 ,   Accidents

Ponant's ship Le Soleal cruise grounded on Wednesday, November 14, while passing Kirke Passage, Chilean fjords, and damaged a propeller. The ship was able to proceed to Puerto Natales, where it was moored for an underwater survey.

In latest reports hull breach was not mentioned, though an initial report said the hull was breached. The ship was said to cancel its November 20 voyage from Ushuaia and sailed to Punta Arenas, where the 222 passengers were disembarked, and Le Soleal was taken to a shipyard for repairs. 

PONANT Le Soleal cruise ship

Ponant revealed it will be contacting travellers within 48 hours in order to offer cruise alternatives. According to Ponant, Le Soleal will proceed with her November 30 departure.